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Anything You Want (my first book)

For years, when people asked if I'd write a book, I said no.

But when my hero Seth Godin asked if I'd write a book for his new publishing company, I said HELL YEAH!!

So, my first book is released today.

It's called “Anything You Want - 40 Lessons for a New Kind of Entrepreneur”.

It's 40 short stories, sharing what I learned during starting, building, and selling CD Baby.

Not an autobiography, it's really my top-40 tips for anyone starting or running a company.

Most of the lessons are counter-intuitive, learned from experience, and go against the usual business-book advice. If you know my blog, you'll recognize some of the stories, but now in context.

The website for the book is - with links to all the different formats on Amazon.

If you like to listen, I highly recommend the audio version. I recorded it myself, so it has a little more personality than the written word.

No matter which format you choose, it comes with a free gift: a code to download 241 hand-picked MP3s from my top CD Baby artists.

Anything You Want - book cover