Derek Sivers

It’s hard to get off stage


Being a musician, especially a songwriter, is quite unusual because you spend a lot of your time digging deep inside yourself, extracting your emotions, and putting them out loudly into the world.

It’s unusual to be standing on stage broadcasting your private feelings through a public address system, or sharing them online for the biggest possible audience.

It’s a life that requires a deep focus on yourself. It’s all you, you, you. It’s a one-way road that goes from inside you out to the audience.

Because of this, it’s hard for musicians to turn that off, switch directions, and just listen to others.

The essence of marketing is looking at everything from the other person’s point of view. So it’s no surprise that musicians find it hard to switch into that mode.

It’s OK. Have some compassion for your situation. It’s a side-effect of the craft. Don’t beat yourself up over it.

But first, before you begin marketing, get off the stage, pause your habit of broadcasting, turn the spotlight on your audience, and get ready to listen.