Derek Sivers

What it means to be resourceful


For every million people that want to be a successful musician, only one is going to achieve it. If you’re going to be that one, you can’t do what everyone else is doing.

Instead, you need to keep your mind on your real goal, and get to it by an uncommon path. Whether surprisingly direct or surprisingly clever, it will be a shrewd and creative solution — kind of rebellious. Either you’ll completely ignore the current norms, or deliberately go against them, or slyly use some norms temporarily as part of a bigger plan.

Whatever you do, it’ll be creative, efficient, and effective. That’s my definition of resourceful.

It means making something happen, instead of saying you can’t.

It means accessing all the people and skills you know, including the ones that take extra effort.

It usually means doing things for free, but can also mean spending a little money to save a lot of time.

It means using a shortcut around obstacles, getting in through a back door, bending the rules, and never waiting for permission.

It means asking for help, but not waiting for help.