Derek Sivers

What do musicians and entrepreneurs have in common?

I decided at 14 I was going to be a full-time musician.

Because of this, I knew:

But I was psyched about this! This was my dream-come-true scenario. I told everyone I was going to be a successful musician.

And I did. I worked nonstop. I started touring profitably when I was 18. I moved to New York City, and did whatever it takes to make a living as a musician. When I was 27, I bought a house in Woodstock with the money I made touring. I was living the dream.

Someone asked me why I chose the entrepreneur path instead of the 9-5 job mindset.

But everything in that list applies to entrepreneurs, too.

If you decide to start your own company, you’re not going to have a job, boss, or guaranteed income. It’ll be a constant uphill struggle, without help from anyone.

No wonder I fell into being an entrepreneur so naturally.

All those negatives are my dream-come-true scenario.