Derek Sivers

Keep in touch


The difference between success and failure can be just a matter of keeping in touch.

It takes effort to meet people. So get the most out of every connection.

Don’t lose touch with anyone you’ve met. Take notes on each conversation.

There are some amazing musicians who sent their music to CD Baby, and when I heard it, I flipped. I stopped what I was doing and called them to tell them I thought they were amazing.

Twice I left a voicemail, and guess what? They didn’t call back! What masochistic success-sabotaging kind of thing is that to do?

A week later I had forgotten about their music, since so much new music came in.

If they would have just called back, and kept in touch, they would have had a huge fan at a well-connected music company — a fan that would go out on a limb to help their career in ways others just dream of. But they never kept in touch, and now I can’t remember their names.

On the other hand, there are other musicians whose music didn’t really catch my attention the first time around, but they kept in touch so well that I often find myself helping them more as a friend than a fan.

Whenever I’m talking to someone in the industry, or have the opportunity to help promote a musician, I find myself recommending whoever I spoke with recently. They’re on my mind, because we recently spoke. It’s as simple as that.

So imagine if you actually stayed close with hundreds of people in the music business! You’d have people in all corners of the industry constantly recommending you and hooking you up with opportunities. You’d be very successful, very soon.

Never forget the power and importance of keeping in touch! People forget you very fast.