Derek Sivers

Be an extreme version of yourself


Define yourself by showing your outer boundaries.

Show your weirdness. Bring out all your quirks.

We all have our weird side, and our normal side. When we’re feeling insecure or cautious, we tend to play it safe. But nobody wants that.

Your public persona, the image you show to the world, should be the most extreme version of yourself.

Are you thinking, right now, that maybe you shouldn’t, because your music isn’t so extreme? That maybe “extreme” is a word best left for intense hardcore music?

Well… Think of the legendary performers in that conservative old-fashioned style — the ones even your grandmother could like.

Frank Sinatra. Liberace. Judy Garland. Barbara Streisand.

Even these conservative performers were rather extreme characters. So even with the most traditional music, it’s smart — and more interesting for the audience — if you show an extreme personality. Don’t be afraid to be as extreme as you can imagine, and maybe a little more.

The spotlight is the excuse. You can get away with anything in the name of entertainment.