Derek Sivers

Programmer, writer, entrepreneur, avid student of life. I make useful things, and share what I learn.


33 Voices (date: 2015-09)

The Tao of Business and how to live it, as well as how to design a life philosophy with deep meaning.

Art of Adventure (date: 2015-09)

Turning Observations Into Action

Unmistakable Creative (date: 2015-09)

Great conversation with Srini Rao about moving, introversion, programming, personal development, money, sharing what you've learned, and when to say no.

Radical Tribe (date: 2015-09)

Talking with Faheem Moosa about starting, building, and selling a business.

Rock and Roll Zen (date: 2015-09)

Mark Hermann and I talk music, how to be useful to others, changing the music business, and more.

Smile High (date: 2015-09)

Talk with Nate about people-pleasing and obstacles. Kind of awkward.

Bucket List Life (date: 2015-09)

With Travis Bell, that Bucket List guy

Productive! Magazine (date: 2015-08)

talk with Michael Sliwinski about my recipe for a happy life, giving and taking

B2C: Business to Community (date: 2015-07)

Short Q&A with Margie Warrell about the biggest mistake, saying no, priorities, followers, naysayers, and making a change.

The Start Zone (date: 2015-06)

Very tiny Q&A with Pedro Mendes

Your Own Way Out documentary (date: 2014-10)

Tom Libelt and Till Carlos ask questions about self-employment for their documentary film

The Creative Entrepreneur (date: 2014-02)

Talking with Bob Baker about what to do early in your career, fame, fortune, failure, marketing, and the international life.

Dorm Room Tycoon (date: 2013-09)

Good conversation with William Channer about Wood Egg, employees, networking, focus, learning.

Tim Conley from Foolish Adventure (date: 2013-01)

On “changing your operating system” - my metaphor for making deep changes in my life.

The Setup (date: 2011-12)

Tiny Q&A about what equipment I use

Duct Tape Marketing (date: 2011-07)

How/when to sell your company, and other business/marketing things.

Mitch Joel - Six Pixels of Separation (date: 2011-07)

Great 50-minute conversation about a variety of things.

MentorCoach (date: 2011-07)

conversation with Ben Dean, just telling my story

Jay Baer - Convince & Convert (date: 2011-07)

35-minute video interview about business, self-belief, and other good stuff. Great rapport.

Marketing Over Coffee (date: 2011-07)

30-minute audio interview mostly about my book. Great questions.

Amber Rae (date: 2011-06)

My friend and the CEO of my book, “Anything You Want”! Fun 50-minute video interview about the book and related things.

Eventual Millionaire (date: 2011-06)

One commenter said, “A great interview that became a fantastic interview in the last 20 minutes.”

Mixergy (date: 2011-06)

Fun hour-long interview where we talk about business intuition, story-telling, and more.

Forbes - Michael Ellsberg (date: 2011-06)

A great review of my book, followed by a great interview about minimalism in business.

Escape from Cubicle Nation (date: 2011-06)

Do whatever the hell makes you happy! A 30-minute audio interview about business plans, freedom and happiness.

Art of Charm (date: 2011-04)

Why being a good follower might be more important than being a good leader, learning from the best, and the value of experiential learning versus theory.

Ronnie Overgoor at Emerce Eday (date: 2010-07)

Must see. Watch the video. Maybe my funniest interview. We have a great irreverent banter.

Actual Insights (date: 2010-07)

Matthew Niederberger in Rotterdam Netherlands asks me about selling CD Baby, being nomadic, and the dancing guy

Meet Innovators (date: 2009-12)

business talk about automating then selling my company, and what to do afterwards

L.A. Music Blog (date: 2009-10)

just a little about the music biz, CD Baby, Muckwork

New Man with Tripp Lanier (date: 2009-10)

Capitalism with Heart and The Tao of Business

MusFormation (date: 2009-09)

just some post-CD Baby questions

Canadian Independent Recording Artists Association (date: 2009-05)

How to call attention to your music

Justin from Berklee (date: 2009-03)

Berklee College of Music interview about the music business

Practical Personal Development (date: 2008-12)

with Alex Shalman about success and focus

Tim Ferriss (date: 2008-08)

I interview Tim about the 4-Hour Workweek