Derek Sivers

What I’m doing now

(This is a now page, and if you have your own site, you should make one, too.)

I’m home in Singapore, but about to go to Zanzibar, Tanzania, for three weeks, ending with the TED Conference.

I just (yesterday) finished my 7-month study of Esperanto. I might write about it some day. In short: my goal was fluency but I didn’t reach it. I built great vocabulary thanks to Anki, and spoke an hour a day with someone fluent, but my comprehension wasn’t fast enough. If people spoke very slowly, I could search the 1000+ word database in my brain to remember the meaning of each word, but otherwise most of it flew by me. In hindsight, I should have done even more speaking and listening, and less reading and memorizing. To me, this a half-failed mission.

In a few days, I’ll start learning some Swahili, but not aiming for fluency. Just enough to get around Tanzania for three weeks. I’ll try an audio-only method, like Holly describes, here.

I’ve spent a lot of the last couple days thinking about what’s next for me, and making some plans. I’ve got thousands of hours of things I want to learn and create. At first, I was thinking of doing them all myself, but I was surprisingly much more excited about the idea of hiring others to help me with each thing. So, that’s what I’ll do next.

(But this is a /now page, which only talks about now, not what’s next. So I’ll post about that when it’s happening.)

This update was July 26th, 2017.