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About “Hell Yeah or No”


This book is a collection of thoughts about what’s worth doing, fixing faulty thinking, and making things happen.

While writing it I sold my company, moved to Singapore, got rich and famous, had a baby, and moved to New Zealand. I was creating a new life.

The title is “Hell Yeah or No” because that’s one catchy way to decide what’s worth doing, but it’s just one of many tools in here.

I write succinctly because I’m just introducing ideas. You can apply them to your life better than I can. But if you want to hear more thoughts or talk about them, go to the URL at the end of each chapter. ( There you’ll find many interesting comments about that idea, and can post your own.

Or just say hello at

I love hearing from people who have found my work. I reply to every email.

— Derek Sivers, Oxford, England, 2019