Derek Sivers

If you target sharp enough, you will own your niche

Let’s say you’ve decided that your style of music should be proudly called “power-pop”.

If you say, “We’re power-pop!” in the very first sentence or paragraph all of your marketing. If your email address is “[email protected]” If your album title is “Powerpop Drip and Drop” If the license plate on your band van is “POWRPOP”

When someone asks me for a music recommendation and says they like pop, guess who I’m going to tell them to buy?

Have the confidence to find your niche, define who you are, then declare it again and again and again and again.

If you do it persistently enough, you will own that niche. People will not be able to imagine that niche without you.

You can try to make your own niche, if you’re brave. You might be “the best techno-opera artist in the world”.