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I went to the TED Conference in Oxford this week. Click that link and browse a bit to get an idea of who/what it is.

Fully engaged, I was front row at every talk, talking with as many strangers as I could, in between the talks. In four days, I....

All-in-all, my favorite thing about coming to TED are the other audience members I meet, who I have more in common with than any other random group of people I’ve met.

For example, I plan to live in a dozen different countries around the world, for 1-3 years each. Most of my friends think I’m weird for this, but at TED I met four separate people who have done this or are doing it now.

I’m hooked. They’re ridiculously expensive, but I’m already registered for TED India in November, TED 2010 in California, and TED Global in Oxford 2010.