Derek Sivers

Currently making (in order)

Musician book
Re-write and re-release of this evergreen advice for musicians.
“Unlearning” book
Really just a compilation of my blog posts since selling my company. Unlearning has been the common thread throughout my articles since then.
An app for people who love great phone conversations.
“How to Live” book
Specific directives on how to live. Variations on a theme.
Audio, illustrations, and animation
After editing past posts, I'll record audio for all of them. Hiring an illustrator to make a custom illustration for each, instead of the current stock photo approach I've used. Then for all the posts in the books, make a little animated video, combining my audio with illustrations.
Translation site
A simple login area for translators to translate my books. I was using Gengo, and recommend them highly, but I wanted to work with my own translators.
Book thoughts
The next stage of my book notes: breaking them down into individual ideas, just a sentence or paragraph, stored in the database with tags for easy searching and browsing. To do this, first I need to clean up all my past book notes with this in mind, so that each idea stands on its own. 220+ books and I can only get through 5-10 per day. This will be inside my site for connections only, not public, since there will be a little database load for using it, and I want to make it a reward for those who have introduced themselves.
Instead of calling them “friends”, let's say “connections”. People who have emailed me and introduced themselves. People I've communicated with. I've got everyone in a private back-end database, so I can make an online invitation-only site for my connections to meet my other connections. Browse/search by location, talents, help-wanted, help-offered, etc. This will stay private and non-commercial. Just a free service for my connections.

Already done
the hand-crafted Ruby code that runs this site
Now Now Now
list and profiles of people who have a /now page
inspiring quotes about music, translated into Español, Français, Deutsch, Italiano, Português, Русский, العربية, 日本語, and 中文
Book Notes
detailed notes from the last 200+ books I’ve read
Wood Egg
my book publishing company

Maybe some day

remote assistants do your dirty work
open-source non-commercial song contest
someone witty tweets for you, as you

Just code

My PostgreSQL database is getting smarter.
All the code for my database-driven sites.
PostgreSQL experiments
The README describes my approach.

Programmers and techies, see /code page.