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Time is personal. Your year changes when your life changes.

That’s version infinity. First launch version 0.1.

Is there such a thing as too much freedom?


How to take a compliment

And if only 1% of those people…

How I became Ryuichi Sakamoto’s guitarist

Sammy Cahn said thank you

Human Intervention as a Competitive Advantage

Experiments in music and life

Cross the world four times

My old clothes don’t fit

The art of selfishness

Doors and windows and what’s real

Benefits of a daily diary and topic journals

How I got rich on the other hand

When in doubt, try the difference

Why experts are annoying

What you learn by travelling

PostgreSQL example of self-contained stored procedures

Mastery school

Monthly self-expansion project

Living according to your hierarchy of values

How to ask your mentors for help

When you win the game, you stop playing

Digital pollution

Cut out everything that’s not surprising

Heed your fears

Daydreaming is my favorite pastime


Where we do and don’t want automation

Human nature to focus on the one bad thing

Back and forth between super-hot and super-cold

Err on the side of action, to test theories

Blowing off work to play

What happens when we ignore plans?

Tour -isms


Daydreaming the downside, for once

Where to find the hours to make it happen

Your heroes show which way you’re facing

Don’t quote. Make it yours and say it yourself.

Have a private email account

Future posthumous autobiography

What I did belies why

Would you make your art if you were the last person on earth?

Travel without social praise

Travel without a phone