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Articles → Ah, to own nothing!

Something’s changed. I just can’t get myself to buy an iPhone.

I had been planning it for months, when friends would tell me about theirs, I knew I was going to wait for the 3G version. It’s even the reason I chose AT&T. The day it was announced I thought, “Yes! Finally! July 9! Can’t wait!”

But luckily I had time to think, between announcement-date and availability-date. And as time went on, I wanted it less and less. I realized my existing phone works just fine.

Maybe it was the amazing Story of Stuff video that made me realize that every manufactured thing creates a ton of waste just to make.

Maybe it’s the savings: (click this comic:)

Mostly it’s that I’ve been living out of a backpack for much of the year.

Every item is now judged harshly as a major burden that better have a damn good explanation why I should carry it around with me everywhere as I travel.

After my amazing time riding a motorcycle around Vietnam, you might think I’d want to buy a motorcycle, but no - then I’d have to OWN it. (Say the word “own” with your most disgusted po-faced tone.)

Wouldn’t it be more fun to never have to OWN anything, but to just have it when you need it?

P.S. Here’s my next daydream bike ride.