Derek Sivers

Never have a limit on your income


Imagine two people. One is a toy-maker. One is a masseuse.

Imagine both get suddenly famous. Now a million people want that toy. And a million people want a massage from that masseuse.

For the toy-maker, that’s no problem. Have the manufacturer make a million more.

For the masseuse? That’s a big problem. She’s limited by her hands-on time.

So which business would you rather be in? One that makes money while you do other things? Or one that only profits when you’re present?

This is the problem with advice telling musicians that since people aren’t buying recorded music as much, they should just be in the hands-on business of playing concerts. You can see the flaw in that plan. As a musician, you must not buy into that “only earn by performing” belief because it limits your income!

What other ways can your music be a “while you sleep” income-earner?

Whatever income ideas you come up with, make sure you’re being paid for more than just your time.