Derek Sivers

OK, Milt Olin, I’ll start writing again


Last night I spent far too much time tinkering with setting up both the FreeBSD and OpenBSD operating systems to dual-boot on my laptop.

This morning I found out one of my best friends died yesterday. He was in great health, was out on a bike ride on a quiet street, and a car swerved into the bike lane, killing him instantly.

I let him share my online music account. He had just downloaded the entire Bruce Springsteen and Neil Young catalog yesterday before he left on his ride.

I’ve been crying off and on all morning, thinking about the things we do with our time. What’s worthy and what’s a waste.

It really is limited. We can’t pretend it’s not. Time spent doing one thing is time spent not doing something else.

It’s so easy to waste time doing that stuff that’s of no importance, no challenge, no benefit to anyone, not even yourself.

It’s so hard to fight the resistance to do the more difficult but more important thing. Finishing that book. Writing that song. Launching that project.

I spent this morning thinking about what doesn’t matter and what does. For me, writing is about the most worthy thing I can do with my time. I love how the distributed word is eternal — that every day I get emails from strangers thanking me for things I wrote years ago that helped them today. I love how those things will continue to help people long after I’m gone.

So this lesson is dedicated to you, Milt. I’m going to start writing again.

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