Derek Sivers

Your Interactive Website

Your website can be your best tool, if you make it a two-way communication with your fans and potential fans.

Your website should get people involved, make them want to introduce themselves, ask questions, shout out.

  1. Get their email address! Interact! Make an easy fill-out form. (hint: try a fun question like “who are you?” or “do you know your own name?”)
  2. Encourage them to buy your music, come to a show, or support you in crowdfunding. It’s a great way to start a relationship.
  3. Show what’s unique about you. Image, quirks, colors, moods.
  4. Make the audio player easy to find. Get them listening as soon as possible.
  5. Answer the obvious questions that first-time visitors have: who are you, what do you look like, what do you sound like.
  6. Acknowledge them! Have their pictures on your site. Answer their questions on your site. Show them they are a part of your life.

And make sure you have your own domain name.