Derek Sivers

A good plan wins no matter what happens

Never make a plan that requires someone to come along with a magic wand.

No investors. No financing. No record deal. No one giant client. If your plan requires any one of those, you need to make a better plan — one that will profit without the magic wand.

Start now. Never wait.

Your profits may be small, but sustainable. You can continue this way indefinitely. Grow your audience. Develop your skills. Build your reputation. Prove your staying power.

You’ll be doing so well that you won’t need anyone’s help.

Then if a deal is offered to you, you can take it or leave it. This means great negotiating power. You become a better investment when you don’t need their money. It shows that you’ll be successful whether they’re involved or not.

So always make a plan that doesn’t require any investors or big deal. This plan wins no matter what happens.