Derek Sivers

If this is draining your energy, please stop!

My favorite slogan is “Whatever scares you, go do it.”

If something scares you, that’s another version of being excited. If it excites you, it’s giving you energy, and that’s always good.

But if something is making you miserable and draining your energy, please stop. Life is telling you that is not the path for you.

For a quick example, look at one of my biggest mistakes:

My band was doing well. A well-meaning lawyer that I trusted told me that I should start a record label.

“Find and sign 3 other artists. Do for them what you did for your band. Then sell the whole label for a million bucks!”

I walked out of his office with slumped shoulders, miserable, saying, “Yeah… I guess he’s right.”

With a long face, I plopped in a chair back home and thought, “Oh man... do I really have to do this?” But because I trusted him, I spent two years of my life trying!

It wasn’t what came natural to me, so of course it was a failure. And since I had spent so much time on it, the thing that I was good at, making music, was being ignored!

I wish I would have paid attention to my lack of enthusiasm, and stuck with the things that excited me.

Please don’t make the same mistake.

If anything I’m talking about here makes you tired instead of wired, just don’t do it! Stick with what excites you. That’s where you’ll find your success.