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PostgreSQL database
Projects only use PostgreSQL.
I recently (2015) doubled-down on PostgreSQL, putting ALL business logic and functionality into the database functions directly, so the Ruby/JavaScript/whatever code around it can be quite dumb and replaceable.
Read this for an idea of what I'm doing and where it's headed.
Central database with schemas
Instead of duplicating someone’s info for each project, people are kept in one central database, and all other projects (customers, clients, workers, etc) just refer to the person_id. To keep strict foreign keys, now all projects are in one database, just separated into different schemas.
Most sites are fully multi-lingual. See for a live example. Nothing should be hard-coded in English. The techniques for language setting/switching are common throughout these sites. (Professional translators are hired to do the translations.)
All sites that deal with money are multi-currency. Money is always saved with a currency code.
What framework?
For now, I’m using plain old Sinatra.
For web site sections that don’t absolutely require database interaction, I’m a fan of plain old static sites. See code for an example of this.
I just use plain old hand-coded CSS.