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Articles → It’s great to be a beginner again

Ah, it’s great to be a beginner again.

I’m starting some new companies to help musicians. Getting back to the core of what I love doing : helping my fellow musicians in ways that big companies don’t find worth it.

I’m learning piano - boogie piano, specifically, but I have to start with just doing my scale fingerings that I haven’t practiced in 18 years.

Great contrast from the complexity of running a company with 85 employees and 200,000 clients. Just practicing my scales with a metronome.

I sold my house, furnished! Now everything I own fits in my car. Once I read my queue of 50 books and give them to friends, everything I own should fit in 2 suitcases.

It’s fun to be back at square one.

Confidence is needed to shake off previous expertise.

Excitement comes from being in over your head.

Next comes Mandarin and surfing lessons.