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TED Conference : opening night party is already overwhelming

Opening-night welcome party at the TED Conference. Socially overwhelming. The density of great conversation is overwhelming! Like the most perfect party I can imagine, but so much more than I imagined that I'm not sure if I can handle it.

I turn to anyone next to me and say hello, and find out they invented Virtual Reality, or the synthesizer, or launched iGoogle, or wrote one of my favorite books, or are just really absolutely brilliant and interesting even if not famous. Lots of entrepreneurs.

In my first two hours I had good conversations with:

...and bumped into:

Funny to note that at a place like this, Kevin Rose was more popular than the movie stars, who were surprisingly unhounded.

Because this blog is public I should just clarify that I'm not namedropping to impress, but just to accurately describe the scene here. It's almost too many of my heroes in one place. Strange feeling.

Anyway, it's just 1am as I got back from this opening party. Four more days of this to go!