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What it would be like to open up ALL aspects of CD Baby

Had an interesting conversation with an ex about what makes you feel loved.

Turns out we had quite opposite definitions.

Mine was feeling transparent. Holding nothing back. Revealing everything, faults and all, and still feeling accepted.

Later, I was thinking about CD Baby and how fun it's been to open up and show our numbers. (See a history of this, below.)

Then I was thinking about collaboration, Wikipedia and all that. How the collective intelligence of the world is always better than what you've got in-house.

Combine those two thoughts, and I'm imagining what it would be like to open up ALL aspects of CD Baby:

I like this for a few reasons:

What are the downsides?
* big security risk if my PHP code has bugs that can be exploited to get customer/client data
* pain in the ass, having to hear the world's opinions on every internal thing every day.

Any benefits or downsides I'm missing?