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My favorite movies are the ones where the humble main character realizes how powerful they really are, then accepts that responsibility for the greater good, even though it would be easier to keep denying it. See the ending of Spirited Away, The Godfather I, or The Matrix. (Any others like that?)

I had that moment myself, yesterday.

For the last two years, I've been avoiding all responsibility. I gave away everything. Sold my house, car, and company. Roamed around the world with only a little backpack. Lots of learning, reading, thinking, and writing, but not a lot of doing.

I posted all of my projects at, but was in no rush to make them happen.

When people asked what I do, I'd say, “Not much.” (When Seth Godin heard me say this, he said one should never spread ennui.)

Then yesterday, as I was writing about ideas, I mentioned something I've always known would be incredibly powerful, but was just denying the responsibility to make it happen.

I always say “whatever scares you, go do it”, so here we go...

I've started an incubator company called Now Now Now, where I develop each of my ideas for services that can benefit musicians, and:

This is a HUGE challenge to me: To resist the temptation to do everything myself. To be a great leader of an entire team of people that's dedicated to helping musicians. To really use and learn the lessons from some great books on business leadership:

I've always known that doing things this way would be infinitely more powerful than casually doing everything myself. I just didn't want the reponsibility. Now I do.

More news about this, soon.

Me, we.