Derek Sivers

Programmer, writer, entrepreneur, avid student of life. I make useful things, and share what I learn.


Here are some of my recent interviews, that I think you will like:

Mitch Joel - Six Pixels of Separation podcast

50-minute audio podcast you can stream or download for later listening. Great conversation about a variety of things.

Jay Baer - Convince & Convert

35-minute video interview about business, self-belief, and other good stuff. Great rapport.


Fun hour-long video interview where we talk about business intuition, story-telling, and more.

Forbes - Michael Ellsberg

A great review of the book, followed by a great interview about minimalism in business.

Escape from Cubicle Nation

Do whatever the hell makes you happy! A 30-minute audio interview about business plans, freedom and happiness.

Eventual Millionaire

Audio interview with Jaime. Great questions. Fun conversation.

Brain Pickings - by Maria Popova

Succinct 5-question interview, trying to summarize everything I've ever learned.

Amber Rae

My friend and the CEO of my book! Fun 50-minute video interview about the book and related things.


Short and snappy. Giving away a business idea, and the best joke I've ever heard.

Duct Tape Marketing

MP3 audio interview. Talking about how/when to sell your company, and other business/marketing things.

Ariel Hyatt

My best friend and music publicist. About being an entrepreneur in the music industry.

Marketing Over Coffee

30-minute audio interview mostly about my book. Great questions.

Pickup Podcast

Audio interview about all kinds of random social and entrepreneurial things.

My favorite interview ever. Ronnie Overgoor in Rotterdam, Holland. (Warning: swear words.)