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Stay in close touch with hundreds of people

It’s a shame when you lose touch with people, and find out that all of your old contacts have dried up.

You call a booking agent you used to see weekly, and she says, “I’m sorry - I don’t really remember you. You’re going to have to remind me.”

A successful publicist advises that you secretly give everyone in your phonebook an A, B, C, D, or F.

There are a few people in my life that would have disappeared long ago if they hadn’t been so persistent in calling me every month, or insisting on a face-to-face a couple times a year.

Go through your database, and call those people just to say, “Hi.” Even better, remember their interests and call them with some news that’s of interest to them, even if it’s of no other interest to you.

Don’t only call to say “How are you?” when it’s always going to end with “So - can you come to my gig tomorrow night?” Call unselfishly. Call with some news that will make them happy. Keep in touch to make both of your lives better.

Stay in close touch with hundreds of people