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My new business cards : guitar picks

I haven't made a business card in 8 years.

Because I wasn't eager for new work or even new connections, not having a business card helped keep the less-interested people away.

I was easy enough to find. If someone wanted to contact me, they only had to go to my company website, and click “CONTACT”. But that step kept away most of the salesmen who just collect tons of business cards, scan them all in to their computer, then relentlessly spam those contacts for life.

But now, since I'm going to many conferences, and I'm not with my old company, I thought I should finally make cards again.

I wanted to do a creative design. Something to do with music. Not the normal business-card shape.

It didn't have to be big. I don't have a mailing address, and prefer not to get calls from people unless we've already emailed. So just my name, email, website, and maybe a short description of what I do. (“entrepreneur”)

Hmm.... What's small, flat, and musical? I know! Guitar picks! (I remembered an Ian Rogers post from long ago.)

Derek Sivers business card (sorry - only cellphone camera)

I had them done at Clayton Custom in Oregon, which was ridiculously fast, cheap, and easy.

If I see you at a conference, I'll be glad to hand you my business card for the first time in years. :-)